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Troubleshooting case of KELONG UPS abnormal switch to bypass power supply
Time:2018-08-22    Source:    Views:221
Troubleshooting case of KELONG UPS abnormal switch to bypass power supply

Failure phenomenon

Power maintenance personnel in the patrol inspection found a UPS1 + 1 parallel system abnormal switch to bypass power supply, at the same time, UPS1-2 alarm, display inverter fault. After the failure, the maintenance personnel contacted the engineer of a company urgently. According to the suggestion of the manufacturer engineer, the UPS1-1 inverter was restored, the load was switched back from bypass to UPS1-1 inverter with load, and then the UPS1-2 power-down was restored to work properly. After operation, the UPS1-1 inverter can be turned on normally. The load has been switched from bypass to UPS1-1 inverter with load. After the power of UPS1-2 is down, the restart still shows "inverter fault alarm".

Two, cause analysis

According to the fault description and analysis at the scene, the power maintenance personnel initially considered the possible cause of the fault:

1. The UPS has been installed and used for nearly 10 years. On May 27, 2011, the overcurrent and direct current capacitors were replaced (the normal capacitors were used for 5 years). Because the capacitor is a vulnerable part, it may be due to capacitor aging failure, resulting in distortion of UPS output waveform, voltage offset, for parallel UPS system will also lead to increased circulation, switching fault, and so on, which may lead to the cause of this fault.

2. According to the working principle of UPS and related circuits, if the "AROI" fault of the "switching circuit control board" of UPS is collected abnormally, the output of UPS 1-2 inverter will be turned off protectively, and the "inverter fault alarm" prompt will appear, and the output will be forced to switch to bypass power supply, which may also lead to the cause of the fault.

3. If the UPS switching to bypass power supply, if the switching process does not belong to normal synchronous switching, then it may have a certain impact on the back-end load.

Three, processing steps

1. At 12:00 p.m., an engineer arrived at the site for maintenance. At this time, the inverters of UPS 1-2 were red, the fault alarm showed "inverter fault", the internal circuit breaker of UPS remained in situ, and the inverters of UPS 1-1 were supplied with normal power. The machine status and fault information of UPS1-2 are inspected by the dispatching software, and the equipment REPORT is deduced to confirm that there are no other abnormal alarms and start power off for maintenance. After replacing three output AC capacitors on site, engineers measured the old capacitors removed and found that the capacity of one of the AC capacitors decreased directly from the nominal 600UF to 0, and the capacitors were completely invalid.

2. When the output capacitor is replaced, an engineer disconnects the output switch of UPS1-2 and tests it by a single machine in manual mode. The output voltage of UPS1-2 is adjusted step by step, and the filter current of the output voltage and the AC capacitor is measured. All the indexes are normal. After the UPS1-2 is removed from the manual mode, the single machine runs normally.

3. After the maintenance of the various functional tests, we will UPS1-2 circuit breakers to restore the state and turn on the UPS1-2 inverter, but the UPS1-2 inverter lamp has been flickering, can not carry out parallel machine, test many times, occasionally successful parallel machine, but after closing the inverter button again can not parallel machine, it seems that UPS1-2 has no other failures Completely restored.

4. After analyzing the working principle and related circuits of this UPS, we suspect that the "switch circuit control board AROI" is abnormal, so we use the warehouse to remove the board for maintenance and replacement. After replacing the board, we need to rewrite the parameters and check the board. After completing the relevant operation and testing, the UPS runs normally and the UPS failures are completed. Repair.

Four. Failure summary

1. It is suggested to replace the vulnerable parts of UPS equipment which has been running for more than 5 years to prevent the recurrence of similar faults. The vulnerable parts include AC filter capacitor, DC bus filter capacitor, fan, auxiliary power supply board and so on, so as to improve the reliability of equipment operation and prolong the service life of UPS.

2, for overdue use of UPS should be replaced in time, this set of UPS has reached the life expectancy time. Therefore, it is planned to carry out the cutting replacement this year, and the acceptance of the new UPS and the arrival of the cutting cable have been completed.

3. It is suggested that UPS products should be maintained in the original factory to ensure the depth of UPS equipment maintenance. At the same time, similar equipment hidden dangers can be prevented and eliminated in advance, fault responsiveness can be improved, and the time limit for fault site treatment can be accelerated.
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