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KELONG UPS helps the news bird group to build an intelligent clothing manufacturing kingdom.
Time:2018-08-24    Source:    Views:152
Clothing, food, shelter and transportation" are the main contents of "clothing". China is the largest garment consumer and producer in the world. Under the boom of 4.0 industry, China's traditional textile manufacturing industry is gradually changing to intelligent textile manufacturing. Intelligent robots are gradually replacing the production line of textile manufacturing enterprises. As the pioneer and pioneer of Chinese national clothing brand, Baoxibi Group took the lead in deploying intelligent manufacturing solutions to achieve intelligent production. Compared with the traditional manual customization, the intelligent production efficiency of Happy Bird can be increased by six times, and the intelligent production efficiency can be increased by 50% compared with the large-scale pipeline production.

In Xinxibi Intelligent Manufacturing Park, from user orders to customized production, from fabric selection to evaluation, from the printing of clothing to stitching, are able to operate on Intelligent machines. Intelligence brings not only efficient production, but also a rigorous test of power stability. To ensure the normal operation of the production line, Xinxibi, together with one of the leading brands in UPS industry, has built a solid and reliable power protection fortress for its data center.

The person in charge of Xinxinbi Data Center said: "Xinxinbi overcomes the bottleneck of individualized garment production quality and productivity reduction through industrial 4.0 intelligent production, and takes the lead in realizing the highest production goal of customizing garments, that is, individualized sewing does not reduce quality, single piece flow does not reduce efficiency." And this coincides with the brand has always attached importance to reliable, efficient product performance and customer-oriented service concept, which is the original reason for our choice of Sand. Over the past ten years, we have experienced the value added by the high reliability and high availability of Suntech UPS.

According to reports, in 2008 Xinxibi and Kehua UPS first cooperation, Kehua UPS stationed Xinxibi Wenzhou headquarters computer room. In the past ten years, Santak has provided various UPS products and solutions for ensuring the power supply of the computer room in the park. In the first half of this year, Xinxibi purchased Kwa UPS 30kV AUPS and Shante ARRAY 3A3 PRO 60kVA UPS. In the second half of this year, it also plans to purchase Shante ARRAY 3A3 PRO 45kVA UPS.

Kehua UPSUPS is a new type of three-in and three-out UPS with drawer-type, high-intelligent modular design and easy plug-in function. It can not only meet the power output and reliability requirements by adding or reducing the modules in the cabinet, but also can be maintained on-line as long as redundancy is allowed to achieve zero maintenance time. The 3A3 Pro UPS adopts the parallel parallel technology, which reduces the probability of single point failure and greatly improves the reliability. Humanized simple operation design and complete remote monitoring function, users can operate and manage UPS simply and clearly.

The castle 3C3 PRO series adopts a double conversion structure, which is a three-phase high frequency online UPS. Each phase is converted from AC to DC by a separate PFC circuit and then to AC output by an Inverter. At the same time, a separate controller is provided for real-time control and data acquisition of the PFC circuit, so that the whole system can run more harmoniously / feedback the system status to the user more timely. IGBT frequency modulation intelligent rectifier inverter technology, input power factor as high as 0.99, input current harmonics as low as 3%; output voltage and current performance is more excellent. Powerful overload capacity: 110-125% of the load can run normally for 10 minutes; 125-150% of the load can run normally for 1 minute, and has output short-circuit protection capability.

Intelligent production line is only a part of the bird's full Internet, the future, research and development, logistics, enterprise management of Internet intelligentization will also be landed. Baoxibi will continue to join hands with Shante to promote the deep integration of "two modernizations", promote the development and utilization of networked, digital and intelligent technologies in the field of manufacturing and marketing, realize its own transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and lead the intelligent upgrading of China's garment manufacturing industry.


Kehua UPS Co., Ltd. has been rooted in China for more than 30 years. With its strong R&D strength, reliable product quality, complete, fast and efficient after-sales service system, Kehua UPS Co., Ltd. has been unanimously affirmed by users from all walks of life in China. Its products have been widely used in government, finance, telecommunications, power, transportation, scientific research institutes and manufacturing industries. The military and other industries provide a safe and reliable power environment for tens of millions of users.

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