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How should we purchase KELONG UPS power intelligent monitoring system?
Time:2018-08-26    Source:    Views:167

How should we purchase KELONG UPS power intelligent monitoring system?

Batteries supporting UPS power supply play a very important role in the computer room, but the development of UPS battery intelligent monitoring market is relatively lagging behind. Most UPS battery users lack a comprehensive understanding of the indicators and the use of UPS battery intelligent monitoring technology. In order to solve the above problems, this paper lists the following considerations for the purchase of UPS monitoring system for your reference.

(1) application environment requirements for power / capacity / anti * capability

UPS is currently widely used in various industries, different industries have different requirements for UPS batteries, whether from power, capacity or resistance * capacity, there are great differences; and the working environment of UPS is also unique. Therefore, the choice of UPS battery intelligent monitoring should also be targeted. Only the intelligent monitoring of UPS battery that matches the application environment can play the best role.

(2) can it be widely compatible with all types of UPS power supply?

Compatibility of UPS battery intelligent monitoring refers to the tolerance of the system to multi-brand and multi-model UPS power supply, that is, whether the system can realize multi-brand and multi-model UPS shared monitoring management platform. There are various brands of UPS power supply on the market, the same brand also has a variety of models, because it is impossible to purchase in large quantities at the same time, in a computer room, often can see the same brand of different models of UPS mixed use. In this case, compatibility becomes an important issue for UPS users when they choose UPS battery intelligent monitoring.

(3) is maintenance cost within budget?

Monitoring mode is very important for maintenance approach and maintenance cost, so the selection of monitoring mode should be based on the principle of maximizing convenience and utility. At present, there are two ways of monitoring in the market, which are UPS network centralized monitoring and control system.

UPS battery intelligent centralized monitoring system

The system is mainly based on_Internet/Ethernet network platform, built-in complete TCP/IP network communication protocol, and developed by Web browser or special monitoring software for UPS remote centralized management of a UPS battery intelligent monitoring management solution. The system has a convenient Web Server management function module, so that users can easily query UPS real-time status, basic information management, remote operation control, parameter settings, user management and other monitoring and management functions through Web browser on any operating system platform. This way is very convenient for remote management.

UPS battery intelligent * monitoring system

This system is based on the modern * communication technology, and adds GSM MODEM short message transmission module on the basis of_UPS network monitoring system, so as to realize the short message monitoring and management of the running state of UPS. This system is suitable for monitoring and managing the operation and fault of remote UPS power supply by * short message under specific environment.

(4) whether more monitoring objects can be expanded in the future.

The extensibility of UPS battery intelligent monitoring refers to the number of monitoring objects that the system can increase. Modularization is a major trend of UPS power supply and intelligent monitoring of UPS batteries. It is one of the characteristics of UPS power supply modularization that the capacity of UPS can be increased or decreased freely, and whether the free expansion of various monitoring objects can be realized or not is an important symbol of UPS battery intelligent monitoring modularization.

The above four points are the factors that need to be considered when purchasing UPS battery intelligent monitoring, hoping that users can choose the most appropriate product.

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