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About UPS is divided into general and communication problems.
Time:2018-09-17    Source:About UPS is divided into general and communication problems.    Views:213
At present, there is a saying in the UPS industry that UPS is divided into two categories, one is called universal UPS (also known as inductive load UPS), the other is called communication UPS.

As we all know, the emergence of UPS is based on the needs of computers. Because the computer in use, once the power supply appears abnormal interruption will most likely cause damage to computer hardware, program chaos, loss of data, etc. people lament. How to deal with the abnormal interruption of power supply is very important. Therefore, the UPS produced to meet the characteristics of the computer is to adapt to the characteristics of the use of computers.

In the past, the power supply of computers was mostly rectifier voltage regulator (diode rectifier and shunt capacitor voltage regulator), and now it is mostly the same. This load is non-linear, so the load UPS should deal with is the rectifier voltage-stabilized type of non-linear load. If the nonlinear load is replaced by a linear equivalent circuit, its power factor is about 0.7, and the equivalent current lag voltage is generally inductant, and it is also capacitive in rare cases. Therefore, small UPS have their own load power factor positioning inductive 0.7, in order to adapt to its load is only a small number of small computer requirements. Large-scale UPS should meet the requirements of the use of large-scale computer systems, but also consider the disk machine, tape machine, plotter and many other computer output input and auxiliary equipment requirements. Because the power factor of the above equipment is mostly about 0.8 inductive, so large UPS also set its output power factor as 0.8 inductive. The above is the reason why UPS's load factor is 0.7 or 0.8 in the past and present.

Now the power supply of the computer has been improved, and the power factor is moving toward 0.9 or 1, so the UPS also has a load power factor of 0.9. However, the load of UPS is nonlinear, so UPS becomes a power device which designs its inverter function according to the nonlinear load characteristics.

The communications industry is a relatively late UPS industry. Because the equipment used in the communications industry before is mainly switches, its power supply is DC, by the battery pack power supply, so there is no blackout in general. With the introduction of digital technology and the application of Internet in recent years, a large number of servers have been used in the communication industry. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the communication industry, UPS must be used.

What's the difference between UPS and UPS? Why is the difference between UPS and UPS? This is the question we need to discuss.

There is a saying that different types of UPS should be applied to different loads separately. The key to this argument is that different UPS is needed because of different loads. So what kind of load is required by what kind of UPS? According to this statement, there are two types: one is the load of the computer and its system mentioned above, just like the nonlinear load mentioned above. Not only the telecommunications industry, but also other industries: banking, aviation, aerospace, transportation, finance, petroleum, chemical industry... Almost all industries are using UPS. Large data centers can be seen everywhere. It is too narrow to recognize the UPS used in so many industries as UPS for communications.

The other type of UPS is applied to inductive loads, that is, universal UPS. The reason is that UPS is not considered for inductive load in communication. However, some of UPS's load is inductive load. Most commonly used are (inductive) asynchronous motors, such as hard disk drives for mainframe computers, air conditioners, pumps, elevators, etc. UPS should be used for inductive loads.

First of all, air conditioning, water pumps, elevators and other electrical equipment do not need no power interruption at all. Sometimes, Emergency Power Supply can be used to prevent power failure for a long time. When the power supply is cut off, it can automatically switch to EPS power supply, and the conversion time is very short. Simple, reliable, convenient and cheap. Large UPS system itself has dual power supply, one way power supply, all the way backup. When the power outage is switched, the automatic switching device ATS is switched to the standby power supply. Some large UPS systems also have diesel generators, which are more reliable. So air conditioning, pumps, elevators and other power equipment do not need to add uninterrupted power supply at all, it is sufficient to ensure the reliability of its power supply, which is known to all. If you follow these two types of UPS, then in the computer room not only to install computer UPS, but also power UPS. Have hundreds of communication station stations ever had such an example?

We should also pay attention to explain the differences between the two UPS, and we need full support for the reasons. The first type of communication is UPS, with only nonlinear loads. The second universal UPS is divided into three different types of generic UPS. The first type is called output simple. Only pure resistance load is mentioned. Can't the former have pure resistive load and the latter have nonlinear load? What's the difference between them?

In the process of interpretation, it is understandable and correct to say that the influence of high frequency current in the filter capacitor of the inverter can be omitted. But because both ends of the capacitor are the output voltage. The capacitance current in the capacitor circuit has a constant power frequency capacitance. But somehow the power-frequency current in the filter capacitor is omitted, resulting in the load current directly into the inverter, the two are the same. This is an undue mistake. Filter capacitor has high frequency current and high power frequency current. This is a fact that can not be obliterated.
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