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What components does the power UPS uninterruptible power supply consist of?
Time:2018-11-06    Source:    Views:193
UPS uninterruptible power supply, together with power direct current operation power supply system, forms a special uninterruptible power supply for power plants and substations, which supplies power to microcomputers, communications, carriers, accident lighting and other equipment that cannot be cut off. It is not necessary to set up a single batteries group to collect power from the existing DC operating power supply in power plants or substations, as in conventional UPS, so as to avoid the repeated investment of batteries, reduce system maintenance and reduce operation costs.

The working principle and output characteristics of power UPS are exactly the same as those of traditional UPS. However, since it connects to DC operation power supply system, its DC input characteristics must meet the special requirements of power system. Power UPS is designed for power plants, substations and other power industries. In power plants and power systems, DCS (Distributed Control System), monitoring system, automation instrument, dispatching communication system, micro-computer system and other core equipment require very high quality and reliability of power supply. Special UPS power supply is needed, and these loads are enormous. Most are single-phase loads.

Power UPS system is generally composed of three parts: power UPS mainframe, bypass voltage regulator, output feeder cabinet and so on (three in one when low power is available).

1. Power UPS main cabinet: input-output isolation transformer, rectifier, inverter, static bypass switch, bypass switch, backstop diode;

2, bypass isolation regulator: bypass isolation transformer, bypass regulator, manual / bypass maintenance switch;

3, feeder cabinet: loop distribution unit, monitoring instrument, control switch and signal indication;

The special power supply for UPS uses 1+1 redundant power supply system. Aiming at the applied load and environment of power system, the industrial grade AC protection power supply manufactured by advanced technology can fully meet the demand of power supply reliability for load such as power DCS system.

The power UPS mainly consists of the following systems: two level transformation. The first stage transformation uses a rectifier (AC-DC).

The alternating current after the input transformer is changed into a stable DC current. The second stage converter (DC-AC) uses an inverter power supply to convert the rectified DC output into sinusoidal AC output through isolation to the load.

Isolation part: Input isolation transformer isolates AC input from DC to protect DC side equipment; Output isolation transformer isolates AC and DC input from AC output to protect load side equipment. Dual isolation ensures true and complete electrical isolation of three ports: DC input, AC input and AC output.

Rectifier part: converting the input AC power into a stable DC and sending it into the inverter equipment.

Inverter part: converting external DC or rectified DC power supply into stable sinusoidal AC power supply.

Control part: Control the power supply of the inverters to follow the reference power supply, and keep the same phase and frequency with it, automatically adjust, and make the power supply run or protect in the prescribed range according to the set protection value.

Display part: using LCD and LED status simulation disk to accurately reflect the running status and fault information of the equipment.

Switching part: Relays or static electronic switches are used to automatically switch the output power of bypass, municipal and inverters.
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