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What are the contents of battery inspection? What safety precautions should be paid attention to in
Time:2019-01-09    Source:    Views:50
What are the contents of battery inspection? What safety precautions should be paid attention to in maintaining lead-acid batteries?

1. Patrol inspection items for batteries include:

1. The DC bus voltage should be normal and should not exceed 2% of the average voltage. Floating charging current should be appropriate and no overcharging or undercharging occurs.

2. Measuring various parameters. When floating charging, the battery voltage should be maintained at 2.1-2.2V, and the charging and discharging voltage should not be less than 1.8-1.9V. The relative density of the electrolyte should be between 1.215 and 1.229, and the liquid temperature should be kept between 15 and 35 C.

3. Check whether the color of the plate is normal, whether there are inclination, bending, short circuit, salt and effective substances falling off.

4. Wood partitions and lead cards should be intact without falling off.

5. The liquid level should be 10-20 mm higher than the polar plate.

6. Battery case should be complete, no tilt, and the surface should be clean.

7. The joints should be tightened without corrosion and coated with vaseline.

8. Ventilation equipment and other ancillary equipment should be in good condition. There is no strong odor in the room. The temperature of the storage battery room should be between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius.

9. Floating charging equipment operates normally.

10. The DC system is well insulated.

11. For alkaline batteries, the cap should be screwed properly and the outlet should be unblocked.

2. When maintaining lead-acid batteries, the following points should be noted

1. When disposing electrolyte, sulphuric acid should be slowly injected into distilled water, and glass rods should be stirred continuously so as to mix evenly and dissipate heat rapidly. It is strictly forbidden to inject water into sulphuric acid in order to avoid explosion due to intense heat.

2. Clean batteries and battery rooms regularly. It is strictly forbidden to sprinkle water into batteries during cleaning.

3. Maintenance personnel should wear protective glasses to avoid sulfuric acid splashing into the eyes.

4. No fireworks are allowed in the room, especially in the charging state. No fireworks or spark-producing devices should be brought into the room. Electricity and heat should be stopped when charging regularly.

5. Battery room doors and windows should be tight to prevent dust from entering, keep clean, dry and well ventilated, and do not direct sunlight to batteries.

6. When maintaining storage batteries, it is necessary to prevent electric shock, short circuit or circuit break of storage batteries. Insulation tools are often used when cleaning.

7. In order to protect the body and clothes of maintenance personnel from electrolyte burn and damage, protective measures should be taken. If electrolyte touches the skin or clothes, it should be immediately scrubbed with 5% soda water and then washed with water.
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