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KELONG UPS power guard series
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Product Name:KELONG UPS power guard
Product Detailed:
KELONG UPS power guard product introduction:

Product model


Type: back-up UPS

Standard: 500-2000VA

Application area: PC, home computer, office automation and SOHO family.

The core technology of intelligent MCU control

The core of intelligent control is Motorola 32 bit high-performance microprocessor, which has high control precision, fast operation speed, and digital control system.

The introduction of the system greatly improves the intelligentization of UPS control system.

Active input power factor correction (PFC)

When the power supply is normal, the power factor of the input power factor is more than 0.98 by PFC control, and the high utilization rate of the electricity market will reduce the pollution to the municipal electricity.


Intelligent battery management system

It can facilitate the management of battery floating charge, overcharge and over discharge management, and prolong battery life.

Perfect protection function

It has the functions of output overvoltage protection, battery under voltage protection, input overvoltage protection, and three way overcurrent protection.

UPS has poor adaptability to the grid and weak impact resistance.

Low city electric input voltage

By using independent fast detection technology, the battery will not discharge even at the lower limit of 120V, so the whole state of the battery will be lost.

The energy is taken from the power grid to ensure that the battery is in the state of 100% energy storage at the same time, and at the same time, it reduces the number of battery discharge and prolongs the service life.

Zero switching

When the power supply is unstable, the switching time of the UPS power supply mode is zero, which effectively guarantees the safety and reliability of the load operation.

After the battery is under voltage protection, it will automatically output when the call is normal.

After the power failure, the battery is discharged to under voltage protection. After the power is restored, the UPS will automatically turn on and turn it into an inverter output. Apply to no one

The duty room can automatically turn on and turn it into inverter output when the power failure of battery is undervoltage. It is humanized and convenient to manage.

Intelligent RS232 communication function

Through the RS232 standard data interface and UPS power management software, the three remote functions between computers and UPS can be realized by computers.

Monitor the operation and electrical parameters of UPS, and realize remote switch function. At the same time, support SNMP network adapter (external).

By connecting RS232 to UPS, UPS can become a new member of Internet directly.

Buzzer mute and battery testing

The UPS boot button is a multi function key. When you turn off, press the boot button to start UPS. If the power is normal, turn on the button and turn on.

Pool test; if the power fails, press the boot button to achieve the buzzer mute function.
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