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Product Name:KELONG UPS YTR31 series (10-20KVA) vertical
Product Detailed:
KELONG UPS YTR31 series (10-20KVA) vertical products:

Product features: intelligent high frequency online Jingwei YTR series, using full digital control technology and the latest high frequency power conversion technology, with small volume, light weight, small heat and other characteristics, set AC voltage, backup power, peak surge absorption and other functions as one, full of bad power grid environment power protection.

Product technical parameters:

High reliability of digital control

Adopt full digital DSP control technology, which has high control precision and fast running speed, and improves reliability and stability.

Perfect network monitoring scheme to realize intelligent and simplified management of UPS operation and maintenance, and improve system reliability.

Multi level protection and safe operation

Input and alarm functions such as overvoltage, input undervoltage, overload, short circuit, phase missing, phase sequence error and so on.

Strong resistance to load, wide input voltage range, completely meet the harsh grid environment.

Intelligent battery management to improve performance

MMBM battery management, effectively extend battery life and reduce battery maintenance.

Advanced charging methods such as constant voltage charging, constant current charging and two stage charging can effectively improve battery charging efficiency.

Energy saving and high efficiency green environmental protection

The characteristics of EMC compatible with GB7260.2

Input power factor > 0.95, high utilization rate of electric energy, small load of power network, saving power distribution cost, and environmental utilization rate.

High and lower cost of investment

KELONG UPS YTR31 series (10-20KVA) vertical product parameters:

Type rated capacity (KVA) output power (KW) DC voltage (V) input and output type

YTR3110S 108192 three in single out on line (standard machine)

YTR3110 108192 three in single out on line (long machine)

YTR3110-J 108192 three in single out on line (long machine)

YTR3115 1510.5240 three in single out on line (long machine)

YTR3120 2014240 three in single out on line (long machine)
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