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Product Name:KELONG UPS power KR33 (Sanjin three)
Product Detailed:
KELONG UPS power KR33 (triple three out) product introduction:


KR33 series three points three out of UPS, using advanced three level inverter technology and full digital interconnection technology, with high efficiency, high power density and small area, and so on, for data center, IT machine room, precision instrument equipment and so on to provide safe and reliable green power.

Functional characteristics

Optimization and upgrading of high power density structure configuration

Taking the capacity of single cabinet 120kVA as an example, it covers an area of only 0.38 square meters, and the structure design is more optimized, saving the computer room area and reducing land investment for customers.

Support battery sharing and save battery cost.

Universal wheel design, full front maintenance, lower installation and maintenance cost.

Energy saving design of green power supply

The latest IGBT rectification technology is used to realize the ultra low input current harmonics, eliminate the pollution to the power grid, reduce the power factors to compensate the cost of the harmonious wave treatment and reduce the cable loss.

The input power factor is close to the unity power factor, which improves the utilization ratio of electric energy, reduces the distribution cost of UPS front-end, and reduces the input cost of customers。

Energy efficiency index upgrade

The efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 96%, which greatly saves energy consumption (UPS self heat consumption and air conditioning energy consumption) and reduces running cost。

The default output power factor is 1, which has a higher performance price ratio, complying with the development trend of power factor improvement of IT products.

When the power quality is high, the ECO economic mode can be used to supply power for the load。 The efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 99%, and the energy saving benefit is remarkable。

Complete digital interconnection to achieve precise control

Advanced dual DSP control technology, data processing is accurate and fast, optimized circuit design, fast fault self diagnosis and processing ability, higher reliability.

The safe and reliable digital parallel flow technology, and more balanced carrying capacity, ensure the high requirement of the information equipment for the quality of the power supply, and ensure the safe operation of the user equipment.

Reliability upgrading of all redundant coverage

Control communication redundancy without master-slave, bid farewell to single point failure, effectively improve system operation excellence, better protect user load。

Intelligent fan redundancy design, fault tolerance ability, ensure equipment continuous load, reliability upgrade

Adaptability of super strong power grid

The ultra wide range of power input can be adapted to different power grids。

Avoid frequent switching between battery and battery to extend battery life。

Intelligent generator control, better solution generator configuration and control, so that the compatibility of the two is stronger.

A powerful touch screen display interface

The design of large size color touch screen is more consistent with ergonomics and design aesthetics, and humanization of operation.

Switch machine double key combination, soft and hard dual protection; EPO button with protective cover emergency shutdown, anti misoperation design, safety double upgrade.

Rich LCD screen display and LED indicator display the whole machine running state and working parameters, assist the vivid energy flow dynamic topology, clear and intuitive.

Friendly man-machine interface, close to customer usage habits, rich software function, easy to read and operate user information.

Perfect protection function and failure preview police

It has perfect alarm and protection functions such as input overvoltage, input undervoltage, overload, short circuit, lack of phase, phase sequence error and so on.

The device failure warning function eliminates the system failure and failure risk in the embryonic stage.

Intelligent battery failure detection and abnormal alarm function of battery circuit to reduce customer operation cost and application risk。

Flexible networking and rich communication

The intelligent monitoring of computer and uninterruptible power supply can be realized through the communication of dry contact, and the Internet monitoring can be realized through SNMP. The user can know the operation of the equipment at the far end.

An independent remote monitor can be configured to manage one to one or one to many flexibly to meet users' needs.

Close design of frequency converter function

A set of equipment for two purposes, reducing the cost of a set of converters.

The input and output 50/60Hz is converted at will, no longer annoyed by the mismatch between device frequency and grid frequency。

Four dimensional design of intelligent fan

Load adaptive, multi mode intelligent speed adjustment, while reducing the noise of the whole machine, create a green and comfortable working environment for customers.

Self regulating temperature prolongs the service life of the fan, further improves the efficiency of the whole machine and reduces the wastage.

The air duct is self dusting and the unique air duct is designed to avoid the dust of the important circuit board, to solve the problem of high density heat dissipation, and to set the timing of dust removal and dust removal and prolong the service life of the devices and equipment.

When the electricity is down, the air cooling is forced. When the power is down, the air cooling is forced, and the surplus electricity is quickly consumed. At the same time, the equipment can be accelerated to cool down, save energy and kill two birds with one stone.

Powerful battery regulation capability

The number of batteries can be adjusted to a large extent, so that battery failure can be avoided and system operation will be eliminated.

For reconstruction projects, battery configuration is more flexible and investment cost is optimized.

Independent patent intelligent battery monitoring system

Optional intelligent storage battery monitoring system, on-line monitoring of battery voltage, current, temperature, internal resistance, advanced and reliable measurement methods to ensure the accuracy of measurement

Strong installation adaptability, can carry on rack or wall hanging type installation, battery monitoring unit module can be connected with net line, simple wiring, clean and clean machine room environment for customers

Multi-stage modular system design, according to the actual needs of the system expansion, flexible combination mode, can set two groups of battery monitoring, the number of batteries up to 64 nodes, the maximum for the user to save the cost of configuration

When the monitoring host fails, it will not affect the normal operation of the DC system, but also ensure the reliability of the system.

More secure intelligent battery management

Three stage intelligent charging mode highly matched with battery performance
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